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Our Focus is your Future

Our Focus is Your Future

A Message Form the CEO – Trisha Baker

“Being Financially Fit” are real buzz words these days. It’s not that throwing your money around was ever a good idea or something that financial institutions told their customers to do. But if you think about traditional banks and the account fees they charge or the high interest rates they have on loans and credit cards, you come to realize that banks aren’t really in the business of helping you achieve “financial fitness.” They are in business to make money for their stockholders.

That’s how LCCU is different. We’re focused on serving our members and helping secure their financial futures. That’s why LCCU is making a real and significant difference to our members. The credit union industry is strong and membership is growing. Yet, we all know that the future of the industry rests on our ability to serve members for generations to come. I’m always happy to hear that our members think of us as family too. Members Jason and Julie Fisher shared their LCCU experiences with us this year, and I’m so appreciative of their feedback. “They go above and beyond my expectations. They’re friendly and always have your back,” Julie Fisher praised. “It feels like we’re family.”

An important aspect of our work is cultivating financial literacy and fitness among the next generation. “We are opening accounts for our kids and trying to teach them financial responsibilities,” Julie explains, “and LCCU is a big part of that.” I love that members trust us not only with their hard-earned dollars but trust us enough to help them teach their children about the value of saving.

When we talk about helping our members be financially fit, we are doing just that. Every day the LCCU staff is working with members to open no-fee checking accounts, get low-interest loans and credit cards, create plans for increasing their credit scores, and so much more. We understand that our members have unexpected needs from time to time, so we’re there to help them quickly and without judgment. Life happens, we get that. Everything we do, every day, is to help you achieve your financial goals and be financially fit. If that means buying a new car, traveling the world or just paying your monthly bills, we’ll be there for you! Here’s to another fun, prosperous, wonderful year at LCCU!