We Have Exciting News About Bill Pay!

Effective May 1st, we are upgrading the Online Bill Pay service to provide you with enhanced convenience and more features to serve you better.

What do these changes mean for me?

New and Improved Services

  • Online receiving and viewing of bills 
  • More scheduling options for variable and recurring payments
  • Funds deducted on or after the date the payment is due – not before
  • Faster payments – can be made on the same day or the next day
  • User friendly Payment Center to manage all of your bill payment activity on one screen
  • Expanded bill reminders to notify you when a bill needs to be scheduled, or a payment was paid
  • Calendar feature to assist you in identifying the earliest available payment date
  • Expanded selection of eBillers (companies who will deliver electronic versions of your paper bills within Bill Pay)

Continue Enjoying

  • Paying anyone, anytime, anywhere in the US and Puerto Rico
  • Adding, changing, deleting, and organizing billers
  • Reviewing pending payments
  • eBills (electronic versions of your paper bills, delivered conveniently with Bill Pay) from select billers


Have questions or need further clarification? Below we have shared the most frequently asked questions…

Subscriber FAQ

To use Bill Pay you will need to have a browser installed on your computer, which is capable of 128-bit U.S. security encryption. This is sometimes referred to as 128-bit strong encryption. If you do not have sufficient browser encryption, you will receive an “Insufficient Browser Encryption” error message when you try to log on to Bill Pay. In addition to the error message, you will be provided with links where you can obtain the required browser versions.


  • Other browsers and operating systems may be used; however, they are not supported by FIS and some features may not function properly.
  • To ensure proper site functionality, cookies and JavaScripts must be enabled.
  • For maximum security, always use the latest version of a browser. Beta versions of browsers and operating systems are not recommended or supported.
  • Compatibility View for Microsoft Internet Explorer* is not supported.
  • If a browser or operating system is no longer supported by the vendor, it is not supported by FIS.

No. Once you have logged into LCCU’s Home Banking you will be able to access your Bill Pay account. Or you can use the LCCU mo-go app to pay your bills quickly and easily from you smart phone.

Contact LCCU Member Support at 208-746-7233 and report the issue (available Mon-Fri 9:00am -5:30pm PST). We will open a ticket to resolve the issue for you.

Yes, and the Representative will first try to help you through the process of scheduling your payment online.

There could be a few days where you will not have access to Bill Pay, but scheduled payments will likely continue to process without interruption. Please contact the credit union at 208-746-7233 for details. You should also download and save the payment history from your current Bill Pay service the day before it is to be disabled. 

For questions pertaining to payments made through our old Bill Pay system, please contact us as soon as possible at 208-746-7233

You can pay virtually anyone in the U.S. or its Territories that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit; even if you do not receive bills from the company or person you want to pay. We highly discourage you from using Bill Pay to make state and federal tax payments and/or court-ordered payments. Due to their sensitive nature, these types of payments will be scheduled at your own risk.

Billers are businesses or individuals to whom you are making a payment. Payments you make through Bill Pay are delivered in two ways:

  • Most payments are delivered electronically. Billers who are paid in this way receive your payment information, including your account number, through secure electronic transmission.
  • All other payments are made by a paper check (similar to a personal check that is issued against your checking account) and mailed to the biller.

Payments you make through Bill Pay are deducted in two ways:

  • Most payments are delivered electronically. Payments sent electronically will be deducted on the payment due date indicated in Bill Pay.
  • Some billers will be sent a draft check which will be drawn on your checking account. Funds are withdrawn from your account when the biller cashes the check. For this reason, it is important you remember and/or keep a record of your payment in a checkbook or financial software. The payment will not be deducted from your available balance until the funds are actually withdrawn.

In the above scenarios, the funds are withdrawn on or after the due date you select. This means that you can schedule payments in advance without fear of them being prematurely deducted, but you should plan to have funds in the account by the date you indicated the payment as due.

Pay close attention to the mailing address for your payment. Historically, the most frequent mistakes are made when entering the Biller’s address. If the address you enter is incorrect, Bill Pay will use its best efforts to research and correct the returned payment and forward it to your Biller.

When scheduling payments you must select a Scheduled Payment Date that is no later than the actual Due Date reflected on your Biller statement unless the Due Date falls on a non-Business Day. If the actual Due Date falls on a non-Business Day, you must select a Scheduled Payment Date that is at least one (1) Business Day before the actual Due Date. Scheduled Payment Dates must be prior to any late date or grace period.

Once you have scheduled a payment, there are two statuses that will show in the Payment Center screen of bill pay: pending and processing.

  • If a payment is “Pending” you may click to “Change” the date or the amount or “Cancel” the payment altogether. 
  • If the payment is “Processing,” you will not be able to make changes.

Please note, to request a stop payment on a paper check, you may contact your financial institution at 208-746-7233. Stopping a check payment may incur a stop payment fee. If the merchant has already accepted the payment, it may not be possible to rescind or stop payment.

Your first step is to contact us at 208-746-7233 and we will open a ticket to research the cause of the delay.  In the meantime, contact your biller to give them a head’s up.

With the new Bill Pay service, the provider will not have the same ACH Agreements with the biller that the former Bill Pay service provider had.  With the new Bill Pay service, if your biller has the ACH agreement in place then all of your payments will go out as ACH, unless the payment is over $10k – in which case the payment will be issued as a paper check.

There is a hold that is placed on the account. Please contact us at 208-746-7233 for details.

When a payment is rejected for insufficient funds, your Bill Pay account will be immediately blocked until payment is received by the Bill Pay provider.  Your biller is still paid, but you will need to contact us at 208-746-7233 to make arrangement for ensuring the payment is funded.  Once the Bill Pay provider has received their funds, then your Bill Pay account will be unblocked after 3 business days, and then you can use your Bill Pay account again.


If you’re not currently paying bills online, you probably receive all of your bills via your home mailbox. Many companies that you do business with offer the ability to receive their bill online at their website or through your Bill Pay. Our bill pay processor not only powers bill payment services for thousands of U.S. financial institutions, but also bill delivery services for hundreds of companies that issue eBills. And remember, even if you can’t receive your bill online, you can still pay it online, and you can print a hard copy as needed.

eBills are delivered to the websites of companies who you do business with. This could be your credit union, or any company that sends you bills (cable, phone, power, credit card and so on). You’ll find all the same information you’re used to seeing in your paper bills. Then, when you’re ready to pay, all you need to do is choose the amount, schedule the date you want the bill paid and click to pay.

No, that’s an automatic debit commonly referred to as ‘autopay’ or a ‘recurring payment’, where funds are deducted on a scheduled day of each month.  There are multiple ways that automatic debits to your checking account can be set up. One way is to use your billers online site directly (such as your doctor or utility company) to set up the recurring payment; another way it to set up transactions directly in online banking in the form of transfers (such as payments to your credit card or personal loans that are with LCCU); and another way is to use the LCCU Bill Pay service is you can add all of your billers, set up recurring payments, and activate eBills, all in one convenient location. Activating an eBill and scheduling single payments and recurring payments using an online Bill Pay service saves you valuable time and makes paying bills a breeze.

Our Bill Pay service is free of charge for regular scheduled payments. (There is a fee for expedited payments for same day and overnight payments.) eBills are always free.

Payments you make through Bill Pay are deducted in two ways:

  • Most payments are delivered electronically. Payments sent electronically will be deducted on the payment due date that you specify when you schedule your payment.
  • Some billers will be sent a check, which will be drawn on your checking account. Funds are withdrawn from your account when the check is presented for payment by the biller’s financial institution.

In both instances, you will not see your checking account balance reflect the payment until actual withdrawal.

Your existing payee contact and account information will be automatically transferred to the new online bill payer system. If this information is current, you do not need to re-enter this information.

In addition, your scheduled payments and historical records up to 2 months will also be transferred. So, please download any payment history information you need prior to April 29th.

Your online bill payment history that is older than 2 months WILL NOT be transferred to the new service.  As a result, we strongly recommend you print this information before April 29th.

To view and print your payment history by biller, please login to Online Banking and click on the Bill Pay button. Once in Bill Pay, scroll to the bottom of payment section, click the VIEW HISTORY button, enter the date range you wish to see (up to 18 months). From here, you can  right click and select “Print”. Please contact us at 208-746-7233 if you have questions.

Payments schedule 4/30-5/2 will NOT be processed. (Only payments scheduled for payment dates up to 4/29 will be processed as normal.)

Any recurring payment that are scheduled for a payment date that falls on the non-processing dates of  4/30-5/2 will not process.  If you have payments currently with a due date of 4/30-5/2, the biller WILL NOT receive the payments and you will need to change the date or make the payment by some other means to ensure the biller is paid by their due date.  Please call us if you need assistance in determining the best alternative payment options, 208-746-7233.

If you have payments scheduled to be sent between 4/30-5/2 and they must be paid before 5/2, you have several options. Please contact us through Secure Messaging within Online Banking or call us toll-free at 208-746-7233 and we will help you determine the best alternative payment options:

  1. Cancel the payment in the old Bill Pay system. Payments must be canceled in the old Bill Pay system by 4/29.  
  2. Pay the payment by check. Only send a paper check if you have canceled the payment in the old Bill Pay system by 4/29. 

Set up payment in new Bill Pay system. After 5/2, you will need to login to the new Bill Pay system and set up the payment.

Recurring payments scheduled in the old Bill Pay system to be sent on a date that falls after 5/2, will be transferred and paid by the new Bill Pay system.

The last day you can schedule a Payment to be sent in the old system is 4/29.

You can begin accessing the new Bill Pay system on 5/2. The first available payment date will be based on the biller and the site calendar will only display the first available date for each biller.  Expedited payments are available for an additional fee. May 3rd is the earliest date a biller could receive payment.

You will NOT be able to access Bill Pay between 4/30-5/1.

On May 2nd the new Bill Pay will be available and you can begin scheduling payments; the first available payment date could be as soon as May 3rd.

You will access the new Bill Pay system just as you did the old system. Log into Online Banking and click on the Bill Pay button. You can also use the LCCU mo-go mobile banking app to pay bills online.

Yes, expedited payments are available.  If a payment needs to go out as a paper check, you can schedule the overnight paper payment for a fee.

In the event you schedule a bill payment and it results in an overdraft to your checking account, the checking account used for billing will be debited for each payment-processing attempt the system makes.  For full disclosures on our process and fees, please visit our site, 

For questions pertaining to payments made through our old Bill Pay system, please contact 208-746-7233.