Identity Theft Continues to Rise

Protecting Yourself and Your Identity Incidents of identity theft and related fraud continue to rise, according to the Federal Trade Commission. In 2021, fraud complaints increased to more than 5.8 million, financial losses from fraud rose to more than $6.1 billion, and the number of consumer identity theft complaints rose to just over 1.43 million. […]

We Want to Be Your Financial Home

LCCU has all the products and services you need! Start the new year off right by making LCCU your financial home! Because we are a local credit union, your money stays in the community and helps other members who are your neighbors, friends, and family. The loan you receive is money that has been deposited […]

Need Money for College?

Apply for an LCCU Scholarship! Hey, High School Seniors! The Lewis Clark Credit Union Scholarship program is proud to award five $1,000 scholarships to the top qualifying students in our membership area who will be attending a college or vocational-technical school. If you are a high school senior, here’s what you need to know: You […]

HELOCs for Homeowners

A great option for your new year needs! The holidays are over so now is the perfect time to start thinking about home improvements that you want to make this year. If you own your home, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) might be the perfect solution for you if you need extra cash […]

Financial Checklist

Start 2023 Off Right! As the new year begins, it’s a great time to think about your personal and financial goals. Maybe you are at a place in your life where you’ve successfully paid off your debt and you’re saving consistently or, perhaps, you went off course and spent a little too much over the […]

It’s a WIN-WIN

Take A Payment Holiday & Raise Money for Charity! During November, December and January, when you take advantage of our Payment Holiday offer, LCCU will donate 100% of the $25 program fee to a local charity. If you are considering skipping a payment on your qualifying loan, now is a great time to do it! […]

A Year Full of Growth

A Message From the CEO – Trisha Baker If I had to choose a word to describe LCCU in 2022, CHANGE would have to be it. We went through a lot of change this year, and while some might get nervous when it comes to change, we embraced it! Change is necessary for the growth of […]

LCCU In the Community

2022 – Another Year to be Grateful! Supporting the community where we and our members live is part of LCCU’s mission. In 2022, we continued our commitment to being involved in community events and organizations while staying true to our roots. Teacher Grants Supporting local teachers has been part of LCCU’s mission since its inception […]

Being a Credit Union of Substance

Article featured on CUInsight written by Scott Butterfield I recently had a wonderful conversation with a friend about people we know who are of real substance – those people in our life who we admire and who have made a big difference in the lives of those around them. These people bring more than a […]

Make the Most of Your Charitable Donations

When you’re feeling inspired to give to a charity or non-profit organization, there are many ways to go about it – money, property and time. In addition to getting a warm feeling, you may also get rewarded by the federal government in the form of tax breaks for your charitable contributions. Donating Money When donating […]

Welcome to the LCCU Family

We wish these families and all our Credit Union members with new additions many happy moments with their babies! Pearson Osten Feider (7lbs 2oz, 20.25” long) was welcomed to the world on January 31, 2021 by Lewiston Member Service Representative Raechel Osterberg and her husband Tanner. Cassian Yu Heng (7 lb 3 oz, 20” long) was welcomed […]

Be Money Mindful in 2022

Getting Through Financial Stress The New Year is a wonderful time to start fresh and to bring new ideas and a new mindset to your financial life. “Being mindful” is trending these days, but when you think of being mindful, an image of a person in a quiet room meditating often comes to mind. However, mindfulness simply […]

LCCU in the Community

2020 Didn’t Slow Us Down Supporting the community where we and our members live is part of LCCU’s mission. In 2020, we had to be innovative with our involvement in community events and organizations while staying true to our roots. Teacher Grants Supporting local teachers has been part of LCCU’s mission since its inception in […]

Getting Extra Cash Is Easy

Refinance Options for You! If you purchased a new car from the dealer and used their financing option, bought your home when interest rates were higher, or have credit card and medical debts you’d like to consolidate, LCCU can help you refinance or consolidate your debts in order to lower your monthly payments. By taking […]

Navigating Your 2021 Finances

Getting through financial stress If your finances were thrown for a loop in 2020, you are not alone. Unemployment numbers hit all-time highs in 2020, and many of those who were able to retain their jobs saw their work hours were cut. It’s easy to feel the financial pinch and stress over the uncertainty of […]

A Year Full of Change

A Message From the CEO – Trisha Baker It’s been quite a year – to say the least! Not only was LCCU challenged with keeping our branches open and serving our members as best as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we managed to stay on track with all of the product upgrades that had […]

Welcome to your Financial Home

All the products and services you need! We could all use a little simplicity in our lives right now. With everything we have to think about – from the health of our families to the security of our jobs – the last thing we need is to worry about who is taking care of our […]