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Ready to make the switch? Switching to LCCU is easy!


Our switch kit includes everything you need to help you make a smooth transition. Simply follow the steps below.

STEP 1. Become a member. It is easy to join, simply make a one-time $5 deposit and maintain a minimum balance of $5 in your regular share account. Contact us to become a member today!

STEP 2: Open an LCCU Checking Account. Stop by a branch or call us today to create a new Checking Account. It only takes 10 minutes!

STEP 3.  Switch your direct deposit and automatic deposits by using our Direct Deposit Change Request form. If you’re moving your direct deposit to LCCU from another source, please remember to notify them of the switch.

STEP 4. Change automatic payments and withdrawals by using our Automatic Payment Transfer Request form. If you have more than one automatic transaction, simply fill out one form for each.

STEP 5. Close out your old account once any outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals have cleared (this process may take a few weeks). Once you’re sure this has happened, you can use the Accounts Closing Request form to notify your previous financial institution to terminate your accounts and receive any balances.


Use our convenient checklist to help you make the switch today.

____  Make sure all checks have cleared on your old checking account.

____  Make certain enough funds are available in your old account to cover any automatic payments that may yet need to be withdrawn.

____  Double check maturity dates if transferring a Certificate of Deposit in order to avoid possible penalties.

___  Send written notice to your direct deposit merchants, such as: payroll, social security, CD interest payments, etc., of the change in your relationship. (Download: Direct Deposit Change Request Form)

___  Send written notice to your merchants who automatically take your payments from your checking account, such as utility companies, insurance companies, internet service providers, banks, etc., that you are closing the account.

___  Send written notice to your old financial institution that you are closing the account (Download: Account Closing Request Form)