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LCCU knows that financial resources for education are at a historic low. LCCU-EDU Teacher Grant Program is our way of helping teachers in the communities we serve reach their greatest potential. The Grant Program is an effort to help teachers supplement instruction and facilitate student learning within a limited budget. The Grant Program aims to encourage professional innovation in teaching and greater student encouragement in learning.

Each semester (fall and spring) during the school year the LCCU Teacher Grant Program awards teachers in our community with grants to pay for programs, materials, and/or special projects for their classrooms. The Teacher Grant Program Committee will award grants to teachers based on funds available and in amounts as determined by the LCCU’s Board of Directors.

The application deadline for the fall semester is September 20 and for the spring semester is February 20.

Grant applications will be available on our website and in our LCCU Branch lobbies. For each school year, the Grant Program will award five grants each semester up to $500.00 each. All educators in grade pre-K-12 within our field of membership are eligible.






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Purpose of the LCCU Teacher Grant Program

LCCU began as a teacher’s credit union in1939 and has since flourished to become a community-based credit union serving over 7,500 members in five counties. LCCU recognized the importance of giving back to the community that formed Lewis Clark Credit Union over 75 years ago. Funding for educators and the public school system is continuing to add stress on programs, school functions and other extracurricular activities. Children are the ones that will suffer from the lack of programs, materials, and special projects if funds are not made available to educators.

Grant Guidelines:

  • Interest and originality of the project concept
  • Likely impact on teaching and learning outcomes
  • Likely impact on student engagement
  • Evidence of school readiness, capability, leadership and motivation
  • Potential for parent and community involvement
  • Encouragement to Educators to start school-wide and individual programs to fund-raise